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There are several educational and research laboratories in the Faculty of Chemistry:
(a) In Karaj Campus:
1-General Chemistry Lab.
2-Analytical Chemistry I, II, and instrumental Labs (educational) as well as Analytical Chemistry Research Lab.
3-Inorganic Chemistry Lab: I and II(educational) as well as Inorganic Chemistry Research Lab.
4-Physical Chemistry Lab I and II(educational) as well as Physical Chemistry Research Lab.
5-Organic Chemistry Lab I, II (educational) as well as Organic Chemistry Research Lab.
6-Industrial Chemistry Lab.
7-Polymer Chemistry Research Lab.
8-Applied Chemistry Research Lab.
9-Two Central Instrumental Analysis Labs as well as NMR analysis Lab.

(b) In Tehran Campus:
1-Analytical Chemistry  Research Lab.
2-Inorganic Chemistry  Research Lab.
3-Physical Chemistry  Research Lab.
4-Two Organic Chemistry Labs.

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